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Membership Plans

 Here at The Crypt we want to provide an affordable opportunity to work with a passionate trainer in order to achieve your goals. Memberships are available to men and women 18 and older. Those under 18 that wish to join, must have parent's permission at time of registration.


Option 1



      Month To Month

      1st Month: $250

   $150 Each Additional                Month 

  Terms and Conditions Apply


Option 2




         Pay Upfront

      $400 in savings          compared to Option 1







Terms and Conditions Apply


Option 3




               Group Rate

        2 or more members


$100 per month per member


        Best value but subject to                 increase if one or more                     members terminates                              membership

        Terms and Conditions Apply


Option 4


    Trained professionals are        also always welcome to          come down and join an          advanced class session

     for a small mat fee per                          month.




      Terms and Conditions Apply


Payment Methods

All potential members are subjected to a non-refundable $50 written and physical evaluation prior joining. Evaluations are on a pass/fail basis. If passed the $50 tryout fee will be credited towards your first payment. 

Payments can be made with check,                      cash or PayPal only. 

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