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Here at the Crypt we provide an intense, conducive learning environment. Members will be taught extensively on the following:


  • Basic Chain Wrestling

  • Running the Ropes

  • Bumps

  • High Impact and Aerial Maneuvers

  • Ring Psychology

  • Managing

  • Refereeing

  • Cutting Promos

  • Character Development

  • Self-Marketing

  • Locker-Room Etiquette


 There is no set timeframe to determine when a student is ready to step into the ring. Generally speaking, it takes students 6 months to 1 year before having their first match. However, like any training or schooling, everyone learns at a different pace. Here at The Crypt we will work with you to ensure that you have all of the fundamentals down before wrestling in front of a live audience.













Professional Wrestling is a rigorous physical activity. Safety is a priority at The Crypt: Wrestling Training Facility. All students are required to sign a waiver stating that The Crypt is not responsible for any injuries that may occur.



Requirements for class include:


  • Shorts

  • Shirt

  • Kneepads

  • Wrestling Shoes

  • Pen/Pencil

  • Notebook

  • The Desire to Learn Professional Wrestling

  • A Positive Attitude




Mandatory classes are scheduled on Sunday and Tuesday Nights where all new students start and are taught the basics from 6pm to 8pm. 8pm to 10pm is Advanced Class where students will have the opportunity to hone their skills further and have a chance to work with more seasoned wrestlers. Additional training days are also offered throughout the week for advanced students by invitation only.

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